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FreshBiz Entrepreneurial Thinking Workshop

Pace University’s Entrepreneurship Lab is collaborating with FreshBiz
for a workshop aimed at developing entrepreneurial thinking skills.
Observe yourself acting in a business environment through a game
simulation and gain insights in the following areas:

Your relationship to money
How you manage resources
Your ability to identify opportunities
How you create cooperation  …and more!

On Tuesday, October 1, 2013
5:30 p.m.—8:30 p.m.
Multipurpose Room
New York City Campus, NY 10038

Free and open to public, registration required


To RSVP, please email Nikhil Kalyankar, Associate Director of the Entrepreneurship Lab at


Lead Facilitators


Ronen Gafni, the Creator and Founder, FreshBiz
Ronen Gafni has been an entrepreneur his entire life. In his late teens, Ronen programmed software, played the stock market, and built some businesses. Later in life on a journey of self development, Ronen met and married his wife, Anat, and they successfully built their company, Fresh Branding.  During 6 of those years he developed the FreshBiz game and ultimately, Ronen sold his house to produce the first 1,000 games. This launched FreshBiz on the scene of entrepreneurial thinking and development, and in 2010, the FreshBiz game, workshops and global team of Facilitators ignited. Over the last few years, Ronen has coached close to 10,000 people from over 20 countries on entrepreneurial thinking and training. Loves travel, awesomeness, and games.



Josh Weiss, Founding Partner, FreshBiz
An incredible coach. Josh, as a teenager was active in setting up youth and leadership movements, and loves sharing how his first job came about through a camping trip with family friends. Within 6 months, Josh became a manager of the entire department and after 15 years of being in Hi Tech, moved to the world of Hi Touch, where learned and trained in coaching.  Before participating in his first workshop, Josh realized the potential in FreshBiz, translated everything into English, and wound up becoming a Founding Partner, whose incredible relationship building skills are taking FreshBiz global.  Josh was amazed to realize the similarity between social entrepreneurship and business entrepreneurship.  Loves hiking, health, and gadgets.



Simcha Gluck, Founding Partner, FreshBiz
A travelpreneur with an extensive sales, marketing, and coaching background of over a decade, Simcha is a Connector who has spent the past few years in real estate and is a Director of an amazing vacation club. Prior to moving to Israel from the US, Simcha and his wife Rachel, ran the New York City office for Vector, a million dollar marketing company where they trained and coached thousands of people on success. Now as a FreshBiz Founder, and an electric presenter, Simcha lives his passion for traveling and teaching people around the globe how to take their lives and businesses to the next level through the FreshBiz methodology. Loves snowboarding, rabbits, and guitars.





Shoshi Bacon, FreshBiz Business Center Manager [Sara Shikhman]
Throughout her career Shoshi has built relationships that resulted in successful sales and business collaborations in several industries.  As a public speaker, the owner of Strategic Transitions Coaching and the FreshBiz New York Business Center Manager, Shoshi brings skills and experience to facilitate positive change for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to unlock their potential and make their dreams of business success and life satisfaction a reality.  Contact:




Jasmin IIkay, Founder, [Sara Shikhman]Jicama Marketing
Jasmin Ilkay, the founder of Jicama Marketing, is a Registered Dietitian with a Masters in Business Administration and Public Health. She is an Adjunct Professor at New York University and teaches nutrition communication and education skills. She joined the Fresh Biz tribe in 2013. Jasmin specializes in working with college students and food entrepreneurs. Her goal is to help others learn how to practice entrepreneurial thinking skills in order to achieve happiness in all areas of life.




Patty Sherin, Certified FreshBiz Facilitator [Sara Shikhman]
As a FreshBiz facilitator, Patty enjoys working with individuals and corporations get unstuck, create a plan of action and achieve goals.  One of her many goals is to accumulate 1,000 success stories from her clients and FreshBiz participants to show the world that success is attainable and fairly easy to do once you change your mindset.

Patty earned her BA in Anthropology from Queens College, City University of New York.  While at Queens College she was a recipient of the Marc U-Star Program, NIH funded.  Her Senior Thesis was titled, "Radiograph of the Pubic Symphysis:  A Method for Aging Human Skeletal Remains".  Patty was the 2006 Award Winner for Best Student Poster, at the Biological Anthropology section of the American Anthropology Association, at its annual meeting in San Jose, CA.  She also served as President of the Anthropology Society and Vice President of Knitting-it-Together; where in 2004 they donated scarves for a Homeless Shelter, and in 2005 donated blankets to Project Linus.  She is currently president of her BNI chapter.