Pace Lubin



  • Creators' Club: The SDACA student group for Youtube and TikTok creation and critique meets Mondays around 12pm during the common hour, and creators of all skill levels welcome!
  • Real Estate Study Group: Students interested in real estate, commercial and residential, and investing, meet at 4pm to study together. They are planning to meet with alumni in this exciting field.


  • Hobby Day: Students with a variety of hobbies meet on Tuesdays at 4pm, and chat about 3-D printing, chess, acquariums, and many other topics.


  • Mental Health Startup: Lubin and Seidenberg students are working together on a mental health application at 11am. Interested students are welcome to join in and share their ideas!
  • Tech Venture Capital: Students interested in studying the venture capital ecosystem to include incubators, funding, startups, and more, meet at 2pm to read up on the newest tech stories.
  • Cosmetology: Making videos about applying make up, and other tutorials. The focus is on cruelty free cosmetics, and environmentally sustainable products. They meet at 4pm.


  • Game Programming Group: A study group working through the tutorials in Unity are beginning to meet on Thursdays at 1pm. All skill levels are welcome; we'll help you install Unity and get started.
  • Social App Startup: The Associate Director is leading a number of Lubin and Seidenberg students in a social media app/website startup. All are invited to participate and contribute; they meet from 2pm onwards.


  • Cosmetology Club: The new cosmetology club will focus on beauty and wellness. They're filming tutorials, and will do shoots with the Profashionals!