• Web Streaming: Streaming videos, including coverage of interesting happenings on the web, Fortnite or Minecraft, or other topics of interest. Open to all!
  • Sports Podcasting: First up is a football podcast, and they're looking for partners -- or looking for coverage of other sports, e-sports, or related topics.


  • Mobile App Design: The eLab hosts app development bringing Lubin and Seidenberg students together. Additional students or app ideas welcome!
  • Tech Startups: Extending the mobile app groups, any startup-focused students are welcome to come and find each other and work mobile/web development.


  • Cosmetology Club: The new cosmetology club will focus on beauty and wellness. They're filming tutorials, and will do shoots with the Profashionals!
  • Sustainability: Lubin and Dyson students working on sustainability in technology and business services. They are looking for like-minded students.
  • Creators' Club: Students from all over the college discuss creating content for beauty, fun, and learning, and the strategies and marketing involved.


  • Music and Culture: A magazine 'look book' for musicians in the underground scene is being made, and students with an eye for art or an ear for music are welcome.
  • Fashion and Style: In the afternoon, a fashion group has formed called 306NY -- they've already started designing and are open to more makers and stylers!


  • Business Podcasting: Students from three schools have a podcast, TheActivity.NYC, and there are opportunities to help, or even create other podcasts.
  • Machine Trading: The associate director is going over a boot camp of stock trading using QuantConnect. Open to all, but try out Python tutorial.